Kennett Township is a Bird Town!

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The Land Conservancy has collaborated with Kennett Township and several local chapters of Audubon to bring you educational events, such as bird-friendly planting sessions, to support birds in our area!

Planting for Birds Collaboration

The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County has teamed up with Audubon Pennsylvania, the Valley Forge Audubon Society, Kennett Township ‘Bird Town’, and Square Roots Collective on a native plant initiative to benefit both birds and people.


The first project as part of this program is a native plant demonstration garden planted along the Kennett Greenway near the YMCA.   The garden is designed as a landscaped destination which provides a pleasant resting spot while demonstrating the value of native plants.

This streamside planting highlights plants which help to keep our water clean and provide critical food sources that birds need. The plants used are readily available for purchase at local nurseries for use by residents in their own gardens and landscapes.

Native plants keep our local watersheds healthy by:

  • Reducing stormwater runoff to improve and maintain water quality

  • Managing soil erosion and filtering groundwater

  • Creating climate resilient communities for birds and people

Many of the birds we’re used to seeing in our backyards are increasingly threatened by climate change and loss of suitable habitat.  These same environmental pressures also threaten our essential ecosystem services such as pollinators, clean water, and clean air.

Native plants are an essential part of the complex food web that supports our essential ecosystem services.   If insects cannot eat and live on the plants in our landscape, the food chain is essentially broken.  And a world without insects is a world without birds.  But it is more than that—it is a world without biological diversity, including us.

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Image by Benoit Gauzere

Want to support native wildlife in your own backyard?

Check out the native plants recommended for your backyard based on the amount of light and moisture it gets!