Cookie Policy

Cookies & Online Tracking Technologies We Use


Cookies, small data files stored on devices, enhance your experience on our Applications, Websites, Platform, and Services. We deploy various types of cookies to ensure seamless functionality, analyze performance, and personalize content.

1. Strictly Necessary (Essential) Cookies

These vital cookies enable core functionality. They respond to your actions, such as logging in or setting preferences. Blocking them may impact certain parts of our platform, and you can adjust settings in your browser or our Cookie preferences menu.

2. Performance (Analytics) Cookies

These cookies help measure and enhance the performance of our platform by tracking visits, traffic sources, and user movement. Blocking them means we won’t know when you visit, affecting our ability to monitor performance.

3. Functional (Personalization) Cookies

Enhancing functionality and personalization, these cookies are crucial for tailored service access. Disabling them may result in a loss of certain services or reduced functionality.

4. Targeting (Marketing) Cookies

Set by advertising partners, these cookies build profiles of interests to show relevant ads on other sites. Opting out may lead to less personalized advertising.

5. Social Media Cookies

Cookies from social media services enable content sharing and tracking across websites. Not allowing these cookies may limit the use of sharing tools and impact content on other sites.

6. Other Similar Technologies

Apart from cookies, technologies like Flash, web beacons, and pixel tags may be used. These aid in delivering and communicating with cookies, tracking your usage, and personalizing experiences. Web beacons in emails help track interactions.

How You Can Manage Cookies

1. Default Settings

Most browsers accept cookies by default. You can adjust settings in your browser to delete or reject cookies, impacting your experience with our services.

2. Important Considerations:

  • Blocking cookies may affect certain features or services.
  • Cookie preferences are specific to each device and browser; settings must be adjusted accordingly.
  • Clearing cookies deletes opt-out preferences, necessitating a reconfiguration.
  • Even after opting out, you may receive ads, albeit less personalized.

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