Swarm of Bees



776 Rosedale Road,

Kennett Square, PA



  • 11 Acres

  • 0.7 miles of trails

  • Apiary (Honey Bees)

  • Cairn Station

  • Story Walk

  • Texture & Sound projects

  • Pollinator Garden


  • Hiking/Walking/Running

  • Bird and Wildlife Watching

  • Nature Photography

  • Stream Exploring

  • Educational Activities

  • Picnicking


Preserves are open year-round from dawn to dusk. Please be mindful of others and the environment. All dogs must be on leash.

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New Leaf Sensory Garden is a hub for young children and families to explore the natural world! There are several interactive features on-site including a cairn-building station, texture tiles, and more, making this preserve perfect for environmental education programs. There is a meadow loop trail, as well as a wetland trail that crosses a stream that's great for creek exploration! 

New Leaf also features a story walk as well! Follow the trail to find pages of a nature-inspired children's book and read as you explore the meadow. Afterwards, check out the story rocks located at the shed for you to create your own tale. 

From there you can walk through the bamboo wind chimes or explore the texture tiles and even have a picnic! 

You can also jump across and follow the hopping logs and build a cairn or your own architectural creation across the creek. 


map of preserve

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 1.29.27 PM.png

New Leaf also includes an apiary! TLC’s Apiary has been thriving since 2011, thanks to our donors and grant funders, TLC’s professional beekeeper, and, of course, our amazing honey bee colonies. All of our hives are maintained using organic methods by Mike Langer, of the Chester County Beekeepers Association. From May-October each year, Mike leads Open Hive Day workshops for current and prospective beekeepers, as well as those who are simply interested in learning about the world of honey bees.

Currently, the Apiary contains three Langstroth Hives, one Top-Bar Hive, and an Observation Hive, which is located in our Outdoor Classroom.


Be sure to check out our Open Hive Days!