Members are crucial to our work, as the funds from your membership will help us maintain and preserve lands, active farms and agricultural land, and waterways, as well as providing trails on our public preserves for all to enjoy! Here are a few ways your membership supports TLC and our mission:

  • Memberships fund our education programs for children and our community, as well as funding stewardship on our preserves.  Every level of membership is important to our mission. 

  • Funding for our programs depends on the number of active memberships. Foundations and potential partners want to see that the community believes in what we do before they invest in our work and programs. By becoming a member (or renewing), you can help increase our grant funding. 

  • TLC has served locally as a voice for land, water and wildlife conservation for 25 years.  We have worked diligently to preserve open space, wildlife corridors and the natural landscapes of our local community.

  • Members receive free or reduced admission to TLC’s year-round programs and events and invitations to special members-only programs.

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This is our standard but most popular membership! You can upgrade to our other memberships listed below which are more specialized and tailored to your area of interest within conservation. 

$45 annual


This is our standard membership for environmentally-minded ​households!

$55 annual


For students aged 18-22. Enjoy membership for an affordable student price!  Younger students can fall under the family membership plan.

$15 annual

Young Steward

For young adults aged 23-30 who want to get involved in their local environment! Members will have access to exclusive events, including fun social hours and monthly clean-ups or other stewardship opportunities.

$25 annual 



Your dog can proudly wag its tail on our preserves on a leash as a honorary annual member of TLC! 

$50 annual

Horse & Pony

Your horse or pony can become an annual honorary TLC member! This also makes a thoughtful in-memoriam gift for a beloved equine companion.  You will receive a halter/bridle tag with the TLC logo.  This level helps keep trails safe for our equine friends. 

$100 annual


Open Space Visionary Benefactor

As a visionary member, you pledge a donation towards acquisition of open space, easements, and stewardship activities on our preserves for now and for years to come. This level sustains our passion for creating wildlife corridors and encouraging and educating homeowners on stewardship and wildlife management.

$500 annual or multi-year pledge


Hunter & Angler Membership

You know how important open space and clean water is for what you love to do.  Your support at this level helps us to do even more at a higher working level.  We are with you as conservationists and as lovers of the land and water.

$60 annual

Hunter & Angler  Youth Training Supporter


Support youth hunters and anglers and to provide equipment and talent for these hands-on educational programs. Additionally, this level helps to sustain our search for more access for fishing and hunting in our community. 

$250 annual

Waterway Safety Member

Help TLC to rid the shores of our local waterways of monofilament line.  Fishing line, when not disposed of properly, impacts the surrounding environment and wildlife. Its effect on animals, birds, turtles and fish can lead to fatalities. Commonly birds will get tangled into the line, become immobile, and eventually starve to death. Help TLC keep waterways, lakes, streams and ponds safe and monofilament line free.  We have created TLC Disposal Tubes that we want to have funding for to erect on local lakes, ponds and creeks.  


Above is one of our monofilament and hook collection tubes. This can be installed at local waterways to allow for the safe disposal of broken or discarded fishing lines. 


Birder Membership


You know how important wildlife corridiors are to migrating birds and how we must continue to save habitat and nesting areas. Your higher level of support helps us protect our natural areas and save important birding areas in our community.


$60 annual

Birdwatching Legacy Membership


This membership will fund support for the native habitat in your community, birding throughout the year, monitoring migratory patterns and breeding grounds as well as supporting local bird conservation.  Data from right here in Kennett Square is used globally for birders, Cornell Lab for Ornithology, e-Bird, and other data sources. Your support helps us to maintain and secure land with the birds' future in mind in the Greater Southern Chester County Region.


$250 annual

Bees & Pollinator Defender

Your pollinator dollars support our apiary and beekeeping as well as planting pollinator gardens throughout the region. We support research and new methods to combat colony collapse. Educational programs for the community to learn more about helping bees are available. 


Equine Conservation Advocate

Membership funds support our efforts to locate and secure land for equine activities and we are helping create larger more expansive corridors for habitat by maintaining pastures.  Horse friendly lands are not only beautiful, but they also help to encourage birders, and hunters to support open space. Fox hunting is a tradition in our area, and through those common ties, we are enabled to continue to annex contiguous lands for all equine use.  We are also beginning to develop programs for horse property owners to help them understand water runoff during rains and how to keep the water on the land and out of the stormwater cycle!  Very exciting!



Mushroom Lovers

TLC is surrounded by mushroom farmers, with 50% of the U.S.'s mushroom products being grown, packed and shipped in Chester County, PA. Families of our locally owned mushroom farms will support TLC as we help spearhead a new style of growing that reduces the impact on the environment, while maintaining yields. TLC currently uses GIS mapping to identify and analyze potential issues at local farms, such as water quality, air quality, and nuisances like phorid flies.  We will begin to communicate to growers the information on watershed conditions, biodiversity, soil quality and slope, habitat for endangered species, and more. We are working on proposed trail networks around the farms, increasing conservation of agricultural sites, and maintaining protected and unprotected open space. TLC is currently designing programs including our innovative practices involving our bird house project and education for growers on vegetative screening and buffers. These practices will nurture native plants, help farmers and residents to eliminate atmospheric and pest issues, and mitigate watershed impact from runoff. Help your local mushroom farmers today!


For American Mushroom Institute Members

Kennett Square and the entire state is responsible for nearly 63% of the country’s mushroom production; 50% in Chester County and 13% in Berks County. TLC as a member of the American Mushroom Institute.  We are initiating research on ways to assess and verify current industry practices and in return, we will educate the industry on best practices for achieving robust yields, a high-quality crop, controlling pests and diseases; all while minimizing the environmental impacts on the surrounding watersheds.  Improvements in less crop chemical treatments and better compost management will have a significant impact on environmental quality in the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay watersheds, including benefits for phorid fly control.

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Stormwater & Riparian Buffer Advocate

Help support TLC's efforts on stream bank health projects and stream quality monitoring. Riparian buffers can help mitigate erosion and flooding events and can also help filter out any pollutants. They also offer shade and temperature regulation to the creatures that call the stream their home! Your support will help with planting native trees along banks, monitoring the creeks' biodiversity, and educational hydrology programs. 


Diversity Program Ally

Membership funds will support increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our members make up different ethnicities, genders, orientations, and many other characteristics and we ensure that they feel safe and included in our programs and on the preserves . These qualities not only make us unique and interesting, but also bring different perspectives to the great outdoors. Your support is important for our programs that encourage people from different walks of life, especially youth, to learn more about the environment. These include after-school programs like After the Bell, CCIU Autism Programs, Migrant education programs,  and summer internships such as our Teens Turning Green program.


Above are photos from our Youth Environmental Corps program in Wilmington, DE.  


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