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Teaching safe and environmentally-smart hunting. 

Deer overabundance can pose a severe threat to our ecosystems, as large herds can graze and destroy a healthy population of young trees and shrubs. It is vital to manage herd size and appropriately reduce the deer population to ensure that the next generation of trees can take their place in the canopy.


However, many of us in the community grew up without exposure to hunting because there was no one to take us out and teach us as kids. Children today need a parent or mentor to help them learn. Hunting Heritage Programs teach why hunting is important, the need for open space and conservation corridors. When you learn to hunt with someone who appreciates the land, you will gain a love of wildlife, learn why conservation is important for access, and understand the thinking behind culled but healthier herds.

Keeping up our preserves is a time-consuming and costly exercise that is probably not appreciated by those who haven't done it. Helping TLC as a volunteer with year-round land stewardship is a good way to ensure healthy wildlife and possible access to the property in following years. Becoming a member through the Hunter & Angler Youth Training Supporter helps even more! 

Though sometimes a touchy subject, hunting and gun ownership have become inextricably linked to public outcry and policy. Passionate and articulate hunters who can be good ambassadors to politicians and the non-hunting public are our best tools for the management of deer populations and ecosystems and our best tools against the erosion of hunting in our area.

Become a Mentor or a Member!

If you are an avid hunter and whether you mentor your own children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or just a family friend or neighbor, you can do your part in passing along your knowledge and enthusiasm to another generation of hunters. Soon  you will be able to volunteer with The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County as we are creating and promoting programs that do just that. Having someone hunt with a pro, just once, may be life-changing for that individual — and turn around their preconceived notions on what hunting is and why we do it on our preserves. 

Since TLC believes in providing access for all, if you want to mentor someone, you can become a digital mentor through an app called "Powderhook." The app allows new hunters to ask questions and gain insight through anonymous interactions with more-experienced mentors. In just a few minutes per week, you can help guide the next generation. This free app is made possible through a partnership with Cabela's Outdoor Fund and Pass It On — Outdoor Mentors and can be used on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android device.

Donate your old hunting supplies! 

If you have an old bow, pack, or hunting jacket that is collecting dust, donate it to our programs to help more children, regardless of income level, learn the fundamentals of hunting. To a young person looking to get into this activity, your old bow or hunting gear could make a big difference between tagging a deer or staying home this fall. Ask around town or at work to find a worthy individual or let us know what you have!

TLC will also have a program unit for archery. This is a friendly way to learn more about hunting while leaving the firearm out of the equation. Thanks in part to the influences of popular movies, archery has seen resurgence among America's youth — capitalize on that popularity by mentoring a young boy or girl as an archer.

Quality archery and shooting lessons and instructors ensures that new shooters find success quickly, which drives the enthusiasm to continue learning. Teaching the next generation of hunters to handle bows and firearms safely and kill game cleanly are among the noblest of goals.

Want to become a Heritage Hunter Mentor, donate supplies, or just have a general question? Please reach out to Todd at 


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