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Deer overabundance severely threatens our ecosystems. 

The southeastern region of Pennsylvania is accustomed to an average of 5 to 10 deer per square mile. However, due to a lack of predation and a decrease in hunting, deer populations have soared to 25 deer per square mile! Our forests and meadows can unfortunately not sustain this amount of grazing. 

Deer love to eat through tree saplings, which can negatively affect our forests for decades to come. If too many saplings are lost, not enough trees will grow to replace older trees as they die, thus creating a less dense forest and with more gaps in the canopy. Deer also prefer to eat native shrubs, giving invasive species an advantage to outgrow others. Sunlight that comes through canopy gaps can also create hotspots for invasive growth.  This can create a lack in biodiversity and can make our forests more susceptible to disturbances such as fire, strong storms, drought, or pests. 

Culling herds is crucial to conservation efforts.

Hunting can help us keep the deer populations under control and give our forests a chance to regenerate and grow new trees. 

On TLC preserves, we allow archery hunting and muzzleloader hunting for deer during seasons determined by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Each hunter is vetted and given prior approval from our staff. 

2021 dates to be posted.

No shotguns, flintlocks, or rifles are currently used on our preserves.

Please be cautious when using our preserves during hunting season by wearing orange or bright colors, staying on trails, keeping an eye on children, and avoiding visits during dawn or dusk.

If you are interested in hunting one of TLC's properties, please contact Carl Hutchinson.


Want to support hunting?

Become a member through our Hunter & Angler Youth Training Supporter! You membership dollars will go towards equipment and training for young hunters and outdoor advocates. 

If you have an old bow, pack, or hunting jacket that is collecting dust, donate it to our programs to help more children, regardless of income level, learn the fundamentals of hunting. To a young person looking to get into this activity, your old bow or hunting gear could make a big difference between tagging a deer or staying home this fall. Ask around town or at work to find a worthy individual or let us know what you have!​

Avid Hunter? Become a Mentor

Since TLC believes in providing access for all, if you want to mentor someone, you can become a digital mentor through an app called "Powderhook." The app allows new hunters to ask questions and gain insight through anonymous interactions with more-experienced mentors. In just a few minutes per week, you can help guide the next generation. This free app is made possible through a partnership with Cabela's Outdoor Fund and Pass It On — Outdoor Mentors and can be used on your iOS or Android device.​​

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